Engagement ring app for iPhone app

Ring-app-iphoneAn app designed to woo women comes in the form of Engagement Ring Finder for Apple iPhone.

The app Engagement Ring Finder has been developed by Tiffany & Co., and has been invented for female users.

Aiming at all unmarried ladies who wish to have a chunk of diamond on that special finger.

The Engagement Ring Finder provides real-time information which comes in the form of a ring- sizer, which lets you place an actual ring directly on the screen of your phone and align it with the correct circle in the guide.

So all of you wish to download this app can avail it through the iTunes store, or in case of women they can have them downloaded on their boyfriend's phone and save their favorite design or perhaps share it, via e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

No further details on the same have been provided so all you need to do is log into the iTunes store in order to check out the features of the same.