Employers Might Research Prospective Employee on Social Networking Sites, CareerBuilder Reveals

CareerBuilder. co. uk has revealed that nearly 53% of the employers research prospective employees on social networking portals, more particularly Facebook.

A research by the popular job portal has revealed that, in addition, further 12% employers admitted that they were looking to start using social networking sites now.

Of the 53% that said that they already indulge in the practice, 43% said they relied on search engines like Google, and 12% said that they check Facebook. Another 12% preferred to limit their search to LinkedIn.

"Social networking is a great way to make connections with potential job opportunities in 2010 and promote your personal brand across the internet. Make sure you are using this resource to your advantage by conveying a professional image and underscoring your qualifications", said Farhan Yasin, president of CareerBuilder.

CareerBuilder also revealed that every 2 in about 5 employers did admit that they found some content on a prospective employee's social network profile that discouraged them to actually employ them.