E-Mail System of Indian PMO Hacked!

E-Mail System of Indian PMO Hacked!Here`s something to wake you up.   

For nearly 3 months during the last year, the E-mail system of the Indian Prime Minster's Office (PMO) remained affected by a computer virus.

It is learnt that the PMO e-mail communication system was affected by the technical error caused by the Microsoft Outlook Express between February and April 2008.

The PMO maintained that many e-mails forwarded to the office didn't reach the inbox. The authorities were able to find out the problem only in the month of April.

However, they are still not clear about the magnitude of the damage done by this problem.

The problem was exposed by the CIC when it complained to PMO, regarding the discrepancies in the Hindi edition of RTI act.

As a result, the Outlook Express was replaced with the Squirrel Mail by the PMO.

Many IT experts feel that it is quite disgusting that IT experts posted at the PMO took 3 months to identify the problem. They believe that such cases are spoiling country’s prospects for becoming the next ICT superpower.

With a bid to ensure smooth functioning of the RTI applications, the Chief Information Commissioner, Wajahat Habibullah has asked the PMO to improve its services.

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