Don't completely forbid alcohol to your teens

Don't completely forbid alcohol to your teensBerlin  - A blanket ban on alcohol for your teens is counterproductive since it only increases the urge to drink, reports the German Professional Association for Children and Youth Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (BJKPP).

Once children reach age 14 they should be allowed to have the occasional sip of alcohol, the group says. But it's important for parents to set clear rules with their children and to set consequences for any violations.

If a child comes home drunk, it's best to save speeches about the violation for the next day, advises BJKPP chairman Maik Herberhold. It should be made clear that that kind of alcohol consumption is frowned upon and that there needs to be rules for the next party.

A general boycott on parties is no solution. It's better to let your kids know that you trust them, which builds the basis for future talks. (dpa)