Dev Anand tells all in his Autobiography

Dev Anand
Evergreen Bollywood star Dev Anand wants to celebrate his birthday with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Birthday of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also falls on 26 September. Dev Anand is about to launch his autobiography.

Taking about his book to be released on 26 September, Mr. Dev said, "It's about me, it's about my story. That's why it's called an autobiography." The autobiography titled “Romancing With Life” will be released all over the world and Dev Sahab wants to promote it in the US and Canada as well.

Dev Anand has worked with many beautiful women and stories of romance kept on coming during his tenure. Dev Anand has produced many movies as well. In the book, Dev Anand has confessed his love for co-star Suraiya. Dev Anand marked those days as important period of his life. He confessed that Suraiya was his first love.

Dev Anand said, "Had I married her, life at her end would have taken me to a different course. Then maybe I would not have been the Dev Anand I am today."

Mr. Dev added that the book has a lot of reading material. The autobiography is a hardcover book with 465 pages. The book is not ghost written, but scripted by hand by Dev Sahab. It covers many special events from 62 years of Dev Sahab in Bollywood.

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