Dannii Minogue''s head is up Simon Cowell''s bum, says Sharon Osbourne

Melbourne, Dec 1 : English music manager Sharon Osbourne launched a vicious attack on Aussie singer Dannii Minogue, saying that her tears are fake and that she has her head up Simon Cowell''s backside.

Osbourne’s attack came after she saw Minogue shedding tears on the UK TV show The X Factor.

Osbourne also revealed that the singer was “99.9 per cent” the reason she left the X Factor judging panel.

“Her tears were only on live TV,” News. com. au quoted her as saying.

“There''s the perception (Dannii) is the sweetest little thing in the world but she''s not - she''s got balls of steel,” she added.

Not satisfied with what she had said, she went on to say that Minogue was a teacher''s pet to Cowell, and that her eyes “turned brown as she had her head so far up his backside”. (ANI)