CyanogenMod Installer app pulled from Google Play

CyanogenMod Installer app pulled from Google PlayThe CyanogenMod Installer app, which provides users with a quick and easy way to try out Android custom ROMS on their Android-based devices, is no more available at Google Play store.

The team behind the CyanogenMod app claimed that they voluntarily rolled back the app from Google Play store to avoid a forced removal of the app by Google.

The app was reportedly violating Google's terms & conditions for developers. The app was said to be encouraging users to void their warranties, something which Google doesn't want to promote.

The CyanogenMod Installer app makes the process of loading custom Android firmwares onto an Android device quite easier. Users of the app don't have to go through the tricky Android Debug Bridge (ADB) as the app itself takes care of everything and the user can install any CyanogenMod onto his/her Android device by pressing a few buttons.

But in many cases, custom flashing Android-based devices voids the warranty as the manufacturer doesn't want take responsibility for any problems that occur due to third-party coding. It caused problem for the app.

The CyanogenMod Installer app was rolled back less than three weeks after its launch on Google Play store.