Credit Suisse keeps neutral for Tektronix Inc.

New York: Credit Suisse has maintained neutral rating for Tektronix Inc (TEK). As per the view of Technical Analyst W Stein, the target price for Tektronix Inc. is now $33. He further added that the less business from Japan in the company's summer orders list will impact the sales in coming quarters and will have negative effect on profits.

The company has reported higher than expected revenues for F1Q08. The EPS for the current results is also marginally above market estimates. However, the guidance for F2Q08 is lower than market expectations.

In its future guidance, Tektronix expects its revenue to be in $270- $280 million range while EPS is expected to stay between $0.38 and $0.42. The earnings per share for full year are at $1.65.

Analyst Views: