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Computer and internet briefsWashington  - Send an e-mail you wish you hadn't? If you use Gmail, you can avail yourself of the "unsend" feature. Log into your Gmail account and go to Gmail Labs. Turn on Undo Send... Enable. Thereafter, once you click the Send button, you'll have five seconds to click the "undo" link to recall the message.

Washington  - Need to use your old printer on your new computer, but can't find your printer's installation disk? That should be no problem. Most printer manufacturers keep drivers for older models on their support website. Just log in and look for the "support" section. Then conduct a search for your printer, using its model number. You should find a link to downloadable drivers.

Washington  - The F10 to F12 keys on your keyboard have become standard, shortcut keys in many Windows applications. F10 in Windows will typically access the menu bar of whatever application is in the foreground. F11 will switch between full screen mode and reduced size mode in Internet Explorer and some other applications. F12 is used in different ways, but many applications, such as Office, make it a shortcut for opening the Save As dialogue box.

Washington  - When taking digital photographs of people, try to use a lens length of 80mm or longer. Longer lenses work best at presenting people in a flattering way, as they compress the features and also tend to throw the background slightly out of focus, placing more emphasis on your subject. Shorter lenses, especially those that are 35mm or less, can distort facial features such as noses.

Washington  - Want to try out a new operating system but don't want to mess up your current configuration? Try a boot configuration utility such as Acronis' Disk Director. Such tools allow you to select from multiple operating systems upon bootup. They add a minimal amount of time to your system's startup time and can give you the flexibility run applications that are compatible only with a certain operating system. (dpa)

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