eBay and PayPal Two Separate Companies from Now

eBay and PayPal Two Separate Companies from Now

PayPal, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay from now will trade as two separate companies. Soon after the split from eBay, PayPal listed independently on the stock exchange.

Thirteen years after it acquired PayPal in a $1.3 billion deal, eBay has spun off the lucrative digital payments business and has decided to face the competitive e-commerce world on its own.

The split of both the companies have come more than ten years after eBay bought the payments firm in 2002. Last year in September eBay announced its plans to divide the two companies, and letting PayPal off into a separate entity.

eBay could soon sell its enterprise unit for $900 million

eBay could soon sell its enterprise unit for $900 million

eBay is heading towards completion of a deal to sell its enterprise business to a consortium led by private equity firm Permira for nearly $900 million, reported the Wall Street journal. Announcement for the deal is likely to come on Thursday, along with the company's second-quarter results.

People with knowledge of the matter said earlier this month that private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners LP was looking forward to close the deal to buy eBay's enterprise unit for $1 billion. eBay said in January that it would look for options of a sale or public offering of the enterprise business.

eBay acquired GSI Commerce for $2.4 billion in 2011. Customers have moved away from the business which has caused a decline in the growth in the past few years.

ebay and PayPal to become independent after July 17

ebay and PayPal to become independent after July 17

On Friday, e-commerce gaint eBay announced that it is separating from payment processing company PayPal on July 17. The plan to work separately was announced last year and came after months of pressure from activist investor Carl Icahn. He attacked eBay for poor management and claimed that keeping eBay tied with PayPal depressed the value of both units.

John Donahoe, president and chief executive of eBay said, "eBay and PayPal are two great, special businesses. As separate, independent companies, eBay, led by Devin Wenig, and PayPal, led by Dan Schulman, will each have a sharper focus and greater flexibility to pursue future success in their respective global commerce and payments markets".

eBay and Paypal questioned on their revised user agreements

eBay and Paypal questioned on their revised user agreements

New York law enforcement officials said in a letter to eBay Inc and PayPal Inc that the companies' revised user policies lead to concerns under consumer protection laws, according to the New York Times.

The revised user agreements will allow the company and the payments division in collecting a debt or polling their opinions with help of surveys and questionnaires. As per reports, Ebay's updated user agreement will take effect on Monday and PayPal's will also become effective on July 1.

PayPal to break apart from eBay into separate company

ebay paypalWashington, Oct 01 - PayPal is set to break apart from the online merchant eBay into a separate publically traded company.

According to the Verge, an independent PayPal will likely face the biggest threat in the ecosystem of digital wallets and mobile payments from Apple Pay.

PayPal has consistently been the most widely used platform for digital wallet users, revealed a ComScore study last year.

PayPal's new competitive threat would definitely come from the newly launched Apple Pay and also from Alibaba, Chinese e-commerce giant.

If Apple Pay performs well, it could also be launched on the web that would threaten PayPal's core business. (ANI)

Online attack on eBay puts buyers' credentials at risk: Report

eBayLondon, Sep 18 : A report has revealed that eBay had been compromised following an online attack that placed malicious Javascript code within its product listing pages. People who clicked on some of its links where automatically directed to a spoof site that looked like the website's welcome page.

The spoof website then asked for the users' eBay usernames and passwords. The technique used to hack the website is known as cross-site scripting ( XSS ) and is one of the top 10 vulnerabilities that website owners should be concerned about, reported the BBC.

eBay crashes for second time in September leaving users enraged

ebayLondon, Sep 15 - American multinational company eBay crashed for a second time in the month of September for over five hours on Sunday.

Thousands of users could not sell or buy their products on the website and switched to Twitter to voice their anger.

According to the Mirror, a customer who had called eBay authorities to complain was told that there was a queue for at least seven hours.

One of the users posted in a tweet that it was very annoying how the site has crashed for a second time in this month. (ANI)

eBay faces backlash on delays in handling cyber attack

EBayLondon, May 23 - Online marketplace eBay is facing backlash over its handling of a hack attack that exposed millions of passwords and other data.

The American multinational had promised a feature obliging members to reset passwords when they next logged in has not yet been made available.

According to the BBC, instead the site has added a notice to its homepage, simply recommending users to update passwords 'as a first step'.

Security experts said its reaction raised 'serious questions'.

eBay said that customers are concerned, and want them to fix the issue straight away, adding that the company was working hard to do just that.

eBay founder launches news site with NSA revelations

The-Intercept-siteWashington, Feb 11 : eBay founder Pierre Omidyar has reportedly launched his news site, 'The Intercept,' with revelations about the US spy agency, National Security Agency's mass surveillance programmes.

The Intercept's introductory blog explains that such type of revelatory stories would be a staple of the news site, keeping with its mission 'to hold the most powerful governmental and corporate factions accountable'.

Ahmedabad tops list as top buyer of imported lingerie on eBay

Ahmedabad tops list as top buyer of imported lingerie on eBayGlobal online giant, eBay has said that the western city of Ahmedabad has topped the list of Indian cities as the leading imported of lingerie through the site.

EBay to cut seller fees to take on Amazon.com

EBay to cut seller fees to take on Amazon.comGlobal online giant, EBay has said that it is planning to reduce its seller fees and also make them simpler for the users to understand.

Ebay might be looking compete better with giant online retailer Amazon. com. The company said that it will replace its complicated tiered pricing mechanism and will introduce simple flat-rate fees based on the types of products being sold on the site. The company has also indicated that it will no longer charge listing fees for most sellers on its site.

India's e-commerce industry to be worth Rs.27,000 crore: eBay

e-commerceKolkata, March 20 : India's e-commerce industry is expected to grow more than six times in the next three years to Rs. 27,000 crore, the world's biggest online marketplace operator eBay said Wednesday.

"Our estimate is by 2015, e-commerce in India would be about Rs. 27,000 crore. Right now it is about Rs. 4,200 crore," eBay India director (APAC revenue management) Sharat Digumarti said here.

"E-commerce in the country is still in the nascent stage. But everybody is looking at India as an important opportunity," he said.

EBay unveils Pinterest-like site redesign

EBay unveils Pinterest-like site redesignAfter a last-month announcement that a "new eBay" was in the offing, eBay has now unveiled a redesigned website, which is quite similar in appearance to the popular Pinterest site, and unfolds for the shoppers a browsing experience that is more convenient and more visual.

Unveiling the redesigned eBay site at a Wednesday event in New York's trendy Meatpacking district, the San Jose, California-based eBay revealed that, in the coming 100 days, the new site will be gradually rolled out to the US users; with overseas users to be brought on after that.

EBay unveils redesigned logo

EBay unveils redesigned logo On Thursday, eBay executive Devin Wenig took the wraps of the company's new, re-designed logo, which has essentially been transformed from `bubbly' to `sleek,' while retaining the company's much-identifiable colors --- red, blue, green and yellow.

Unveiling the redesigned eBay logo, Wenig - president of eBay Global Marketplaces - said that the new logo clearly reflects a shift that the online marketplace has undergone over the years; by turning into a full-priced buy-it-now merchandise, instead of being focused only on auctions and collectibles.

Ebay is most likely to appear in Google’s search engine, study

Ebay is most likely to appear in Google’s search engine, studyAccording to a new study conducted by Searchmetrics, ecommerce major eBay. co. uk is most likely to appear within Google’s UK search listings.

The study found the site to be more popular than online retailers such as Amazon and Play. The study showed that videos appeared on 70% of the top 100 listings while images appeared on 30% of the top 100 universal search listings.

EBay Q1 Profit Surges 11%

EBay Q1 Profit Surges 11%The Internet pioneer eBay has registered an 11-percent increase in its quarterly profits, as revenue sprang up in its core businesses of auctions and its Paypal online payment system.

Online auction leader stated that it made $398 million during its fiscal first quarter as against $357 million during the same period of the last year (2009).

Revenue surged 9% to $2.2 billion, an 18% increase from 2009.

Mobile Commerce will be the next driver of growth- says eBay

eBay has said that the current mobile market structure is the most powerful e-Commerce platform in the world. Mobile Commerce has become the largest and promising platform in global level.

eBay is known to be the most successful ecommerce websites which was founded almost fifteen years back by Pierre Omidyar. Then it was an online auction site which has transformed itself to be the leader in the e-commerce arena.  

Now it has around USD 9 billion in revenues and over 2.5 million active users. The company is also the owner of online payment site paypal. It has also acquired the Indian shopping mall, bazee.com for around Rs. 230 crore.  

eBay India introduces Wheelz pe Deals

eBay India introduces Wheelz pe DealsUnder its subsidiary eBay Motors India ltd, eBay, the leading online marketplace has recently introduced the 'Wheelz pe Deals' offer under which the consumer can find the desired pre-owned two-wheeler or four-wheeler on ebay. in/motors.

While the consumer can visit the showroom first before making the online bid, the B2B retailer is giving the consumer both options i. e. of a fixed price as well as auction format.

Helped by Skype Sale, EBay's Earnings Rise Significantly

After revealing double-digit revenue growth in its PayPal service, as well as the firm's online marketplaces division, EBay Inc. predicted that its 2010 complete year earnings are set to be above market expectations, a news which sent the value of the firm's shares soaring by 8%.

EBay, which is currently in the middle of a turnaround as it competes with giant rivals like Amazon. com, and other online retailers, has managed to beat estimates pegged by analysts for its closely watched holiday quarter.

The web portal, which works by connecting buyers and sellers over the Internet, has been in the process of revamping its main marketplaces units in order to increase transaction on the EBay site.

eBay India to set market platform for mobile phones

eBay India to set market platform for mobile phonesEBay India, a subsidiary of US-based Internet marketplace major eBay Inc., has come up with a plan to create a marketplace platform for mobile phones.

The company has been talking with the telecommunication companies and the mobile manufacturers to launch the service with the introduction of 3G service in India.

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