Coming Soon: Unlocked Blackberries In India!

Coming Soon: Unlocked Blackberries In India! Here’s good news for those who uses Blackberry in India.

In a significant move, Research In Motion (RIM) has decided to come up with the 'unlocked' versions of its signature handset BlackBerry in the Indian market, which will enable the currently network-restricted (Airtel, Reliance Communications, and Vodafone) BlackBerry to function on the network of any telecom service provider.

Blackberry is famous for providing best-in-class performance with smoothly integrated support for voice and data applications, including phone, email, text messaging, web browser, organiser, multimedia, and more.

Experts believe that after emerging just as an enterprise phone, RIM wants to attract those users who prefer to choose their telecom service provider.

The new move by RIM would bring a tough competition for the 3G iPhones both in terms of cost and also features.

In India, BlackBerry comes under the premium segment handset bracket.

The reports suggest that in order to arrive on the Indian shores, the company may come with a price-wise stripped down version of the Blackberry.

Currently, these innovative business phones are sold in the country through partnerships with telecom operators.

For this purpose, RIM has recently team up with Redington India -- a distributor for popular brands like Nokia, Western Digital, IBM, Canon, Samsung, Seagate, APC, Asus, Computer Associates, Cisco, HCL and Hitachi.

It is believed that as per the done agreement, Redington will provide an ample range of BlackBerry smart phones starting with the BlackBerry Pearl series, the BlackBerry Curve series and the BlackBerry Bold smart phone.

Apart from this, the Canadian manufacturer of high-end handset BlackBerry is all set to launch retail outlets in India besides selling the handsets from other retailers. At present, the company offers 13 handsets in the country.

Almost all the major telecom players in the country offer Blackberry services. It is believed that there are nearly one hundred thousand BlackBerry subscribers in the country.

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