Is Coca-Cola's secret formula finally revealed?

London, Feb 20 : The secret formula to carbonated soft drink Coca-Cola might have been revealed.

The secret formula, which claims to be publicly available since 1993, includes herbs like nutmeg, coriander, vanilla and cinnamon, the Mirror reported.

Mark Pendergrast first published the secret history of the company in the book For God, Country and Coca-Cola, which had a surprising appendix where he stumbled on the special list of ingredients, that company kept as secret.

Pendergrast mentioned that citrate caffein 1 oz, extract vanilla 1 oz, F. E. coco 4 oz, citric acid 3 oz, lime juice 1 quart, sugar 30lbs, water 2.5 gallons

caramel sufficient are the essential ingredients required to make the drink with flavouring like oil orange 80, oil lemon 120, oil nutmeg 40, oil cinnamon 40, oil coriander 20, oil neroli 40, alcohol 1 quart stood for 24 hours.

The drink is bottled all over the world under franchise, and the syrup for the drink is made in the USA. (ANI)