Chronic Pain Link To Vitamin D Deficiency In Women

A recent study has shown that deficiency of vitamin D can lead to occurrence of chronic Chronic Pain Link To Vitamin D Deficiency In Womenpain in women.

The study also showed that low levels of vitamin D have no connection to chronic widespread pain in men.

The researchers analyzed the data collected from 7,000 men and women, all aged around 45. The study subjects were from across England, Scotland and Wales.

Researchers analyzed that the data linked to smoking and alcohol habits, time spent outdoors, time spent watching television or at a computer and dietary supplements. Researchers also analyzed the data collected from samples of their blood. These blood samples were used to check levels of 25-hydroxy-vitaminD (25(OH)D), which is a metabolized form of the vitamin and a marker for vitamin D levels.

This research was led by Dr. Elina Hyppnen of the Institute of Child Health in London.

Researchers found that women with adequate amount of vitamin D had lowest level of pain. According to medical science, vitamin D levels between 75 and 99 mmol/litre are necessary for bone health. The study showed that only 8 percent women had adequate vitamin D levels. However 14.4 percent women had 25 mmol/litre vitamin D levels. These women reported chronic pains.

Researchers said their study indicated that in women, vitamin D levels could play a role in some cases of chronic pain. They added that women with vitamin D deficiency should take extra early dose of vitamin D during chronic pains. Researchers added that more research is needed to evaluate the reason behind the connection of vitamin D deficiency to chronic pain.