Chinese played pivotal role in formation of British Columbia

Vancouver, June 30: A Chinese burial site in the Fraser Canyon in Canada has revealed a forgotten side to British Columbia’s (B. C.) history, with the discovery of a hand-built rock pile, some porcelain artifacts and some grave markers from the site, which suggests that the Chinese immigrants played a pivotal role in formation of British Columbia.

According to a report in Vancouver 24 Hours, local aboriginal people, who have tried to preserve the historically unrecognized area, led archaeologists Bill Chu and Laura Pasacreta to the site.

Dr. Henry Yu, a history professor at the University of British Columbia, said that the site represents the integral role Chinese immigrants played in the formation of B. C. as a province, as well as their early relations with aboriginal peoples.

“What we know of the Chinese generally from our textbooks, is they came in the gold rush and they built the railroad,” said Dr. Yu. “But in fact, the Chinese were integral to British Columbian society right from the beginning,” he added.

“In other parts of Canada, this would have become a historic site,” said Chu, founder of Canadians for Reconciliation. “If our generation doesn’t do anything about it, it will be gone,” he added.

According to Chu, he is involved in discussions with other Chinese groups to try to have the site protected as historic land. (ANI)