Chinese car brand BYD enjoys nearly 100% jump in plug-in car sales in April 2023

Chinese car brand BYD enjoys nearly 100% jump in plug-in car sales in April 2023

BYD Limited, a publicly listed Chinese company headquartered in the Shenzhen area of Guangdong, enjoyed an impressive jump of around 100 per cent in its plug-in car sales in April 2023.

The Chinese automobile manufacturer BYD’s passenger plug-in car sales amounted to 209,467 in April this year, up 99 per cent from the corresponding month of 2022. The overwhelming majority of the company’s sales were from are the Chinese market, but exports also stood for a considerable fraction of the total sales.

In the newly published stats, two new electric models, viz. the all-electric BYD Seagull and the plug-in hybrid BYD Chaser 07, made their presence felt.

The aforementioned figures represent one of the best sales results thus far. Only October to December of last year was better. The stats also indicate that BYD is on a path to set new all-time records in terms of sales. The company’s existing all-time record sales figure is 234,598 units set in December 2022.

To be more specific, BYD sold 104,364 units of BEVs in April 2023 (up 82 per cent year-over-year) and 105,103 units of PHEVs (up 119 per cent year-over-year). Total sales thus amounted to 209,467 units, up 99 per cent from the corresponding month of last year. In terms of models, the BYD Qin family (BEV + PHEV) emerged as the top-selling vehicle by attracting 42,202 buyers.

Additionally, the Chinese brand sold 828 commercial EVs for a total of 210,295 plug-in vehicles in the month under review. Out of the given total, nearly 14,827 plug-ins were exported by the company.

Year to date (YTD), BYD sold more than 757,000 units of passenger plug-in electric cars. This figure represents a jump of 94 per cent year-over-year.

More precisely, the Chinse manufacturer sold 369,011 units of BEVs (up 84 per cent year-over-year) and 388,373 units of PHEVs (up 105 per cent year-over-year). Total sales jumped 94 per cent to 757,384 units.

For reference, the Shenzhen, Guangdong-based manufacturer sold more than 1.85 million passenger plug-in electric cars in the twelve month of 2022. The cumulative number of the company’s plug-in electric car sales has now reached more than 3.9 million units.

After successfully achieving annual sales target of 2.2 million units last year, BYD is now working hard to achieve a new more ambitious target of selling more than 3 million units this year. To achieve that aim, the company will have to sell (on an average) 250,000 units per month.

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