China unveils outlandish electric super sedan with 1,287 horsepower

China unveils outlandish electric super sedan with 1,287 horsepower

In the fast-expanding landscape of electric vehicles (EVs), China has announced the addition of a yet another remarkable model to the scene, called the HiPhi A—a standout electric model boasting an awe-inspiring acceleration and high-tech specs. Produced by a Chinese EV maker renowned for crafting luxury and high-performance cars, the HiPhi A takes just over 2 seconds to sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour (mph). The HiPhi A, derived from the Z lineage, emerges as an extensive electric liftback sedan that was initially unveiled with 600 horsepower (hp) earlier this year. Now, it escalates expectations to new heights.

Bucking the trend of mere theoretical imagery, HiPhi has plans to actually showcase the electric car at the upcoming 2023 Guangzhou Auto Show that is all set to commence this Friday. With the first customer deliveries scheduled for early 2025, the luxury car brand's commitment to materialize this vision points to its commitment to make strides in the domain of EVs.

As already mentioned above, the HiPhi has been derived from the Z lineage, but it diverges from the Z predecessor. It harnesses the might of three electric motors, one of which comes positioned on the front axle and two on the rear axle (for powering each rear wheel). This proprietary powertrain system achieves an impressive peak output of 1,287 hp. Drawing from a battery pack of unrevealed capacity, the EV promises a discharge capability of up to 1,500 kilowatts (kW) at its zenith. Embracing an 800-volt electric architecture, developed in-house, the eye-catching electric car ensures sustained peak performance for more than half an hour. Top speed of the car has been reported at 186 mph.

Boating robust performance dynamics, the HiPhi A model comes equipped with an air suspension system akin to that of the HiPhi Z. It has been enhanced further with rear-steering functionality, a novel torque-vectoring system, and adaptive dampers. Notably, the vehicle exhibits an accurately balanced 50:50 weight distribution—an engineering feat underscoring the Chinese manufacturer’s dedication to precision.

The battery-powered HiPhi A performance vehicle has been designed and developed by HiPhi in collaboration with Apollo Automobil – a brand recognized for its masterpieces like the Intensa Emozione and G2J electric supercars.

While HiPhi teases us with the new extraordinary offering, details including the new EV’s global availability yet to be unveiled in the ensuing months only heighten the anticipation.

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