Chandrayaan Functioning Efficiently

Chandrayaan Functioning Efficiently The India's first unmanned moon mission, Chandryaan-1 seems to be moving according to the planned schedule, to cover up its journey to reach the moon.

"The Chandrayaan has covered almost half the distance to the moon. The Chandrayaan was launched on October 22 with the help of a homespun PSLV C-11 rocket; modified for India's first lunar expedition," reported project director M. Annadurai.

After the flawless launch, Chandrayaan probe, that is equipped with scientific instruments from various other countries is now on its way for its first brush with the moon. Before the probe attains its intended orbital path around the moon, there are three more maneuvers to be completed. The 8th November has been scheduled for these last three steps.

"That is when the rockets aboard the Chandrayaan will fire and push it forth towards an elliptical orbit around the moon. By November 14-15th, it will be just 100 kms above the surface of the moon -- its final intended orbit," added M. Annadurai.

Chandrayaan will drop its symbolic payload- the first Indian object, our national flag on to the lunar surface, before the scientific projects begin and the Chandrayaan starts sending valuable data from the lunar surface.