Carmen Electra wants to ‘take it slow’ with fiancé

London, November 4 : Glamour model Carmen Electra, twice-married-twice-divorced, has decided to ‘take things slow’ with fiancé Rob Patterson.

The 36-year-old entertainer, whose ‘Disaster Movie’ was recently voted as the ‘The Worst Film Of All time’, insists that she won’t yield to the social pressure and would set her own ‘pace’ with the ‘KoRn’ guitarist.

“That''s the thing this time - we''re going to avoid everyone else''s pressure and go at our own pace,” the Sun quoted her as telling People magazine.

“It''s funny, everyone else puts so much pressure, asking when we’re going to get married.

“But right now, we''re just taking things really slow,” she added. (ANI)