Can’t afford books? Check this website

The examinations may be currently on in full swing, but there are still scores of students who are deprived of books. There might perhaps be some who gave up their dream of pursuing studies due to books being too big for their pockets. It is for such children that a voluntary body, Mulund Parents Association, has come up with the  website http://bookdonors.tripod. com

“Anyone with surplus reading material can feed in details such as the name and the author of the book which he intends to donate on this website. Textbooks pertaining to SSC, ICSE and CBSE can also be donated. Question papers and notes can be made available too, to the deprived,” said Yagnesh Katira, chief co-ordinator of the association. “The website is designed to be a bridge between donors and those in need for books,” Yagnesh said.

To begin with, the group approached Sou Laxmibai High School, who informed their students about it. Principal, Prasad Kulkarni, said, “This website is a great idea.”

Deepa H Sarna/ DNA-Daily News & Analysis Source: 3D Syndication