Caesars Entertainment and Wyndham Resorts extend rewards program through 2021

Caesars Entertainment and Wyndham Resorts extend rewards program through 2021

Casino giant Caesars Entertainment Corporation has confirmed that it has extended its rewards partnership with Wyndham Resorts through 2021 to allow members of both loyalty programs to continue redeeming rewards at venues operated by both companies.

Caesars Entertainment is a Nevada-based gaming hotel and casino corporation, which operates the flagship casino Caesars Palace and the Flamingo Las Vegas entertainment properties. Its rewards program partner Wyndham is an international chain of hotels and resorts, with properties in China, Columbia, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Members of the concerned rewards program can earn and then redeem points at participating destinations of Caesars Rewards across the United States and Canada whenever they book direct through channels provided by Wyndham Resorts. The resorts giant explained in a statement that the members also have the option to transfer Wyndham Rewards points to Caesars Rewards credits, or vice versa, up to thirty thousand points per annum.

Caesars Entertainment rewards program is one of the casino industry’s best and most popular loyalty programs, featuring a total of six tiers, namely platinum, gold, diamond, diamond plus, diamond elite and 7 stars.

Announcing the extension, Wyndham Resorts said, “Platinum and Diamond members of both programs may match to the corresponding level of their non-primary program—Platinum to Platinum, Diamond to Diamond—while Caesars Rewards Seven Stars members may match to Wyndham Rewards Diamond.”

Caesars Rewards’ members of the four highest levels can claim benefits like reducing or removing resort fees, discounts of up to 15 per cent on rooms, and guaranteed rooms in Atlantic City and Las Vegas when booking with no less than three-day notice.

News of the extension in rewards program by the two entertainment giants surfaced as casino operators across the country are struggling to reopen following a prolonged shutdown forced by the deadly corona virus pandemic, which made federal as well as state authorities to issue “stay-at-home” orders and forced all casinos to suspend their operations. Caesars Entertainment recently announced that its flagship casino Caesars Palace and Flamingo Las Vegas casino would be the first to resume operations on the date to be determined by state authorities.

Caesars and Wyndham Resorts extended their rewards program as the travel and leisure industry is under pressure in the wake of the deadly corona virus pandemic. Industry experts are of the view that the decision will help both companies in attracting and retaining customers.

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