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GM, Chrysler, push forward with merger talks

GM, Chrysler, push forward with merger talksWashington - Merger talks between struggling US auto giants General Motors and Chrysler were pressing forward, with a view to concluding them before November 4 presidential elections, the Detroit News reported Saturday.

Added pressure for a deal was coming from private investor Cerberus, which owns 80 per cent of Chrysler. German auto group Daimler still holds 20 per cent of Chrysler.

Nissan Motors inks MoU with Ennore Port to export its vehicles

Maharashtra To Witness Small Scale Nano Launch By Year End

Maharashtra To Witness Small Scale Nano Launch By Year EndThe ambitious Nano, which has gone through some rough times shall finally be launched by the year end from the Tata's Pune Plant. It will be a small scale launch as only 200-300 Nano's shall be seen on the roads.

New Chevrolet Model Launched By GM Motors

New Chevrolet Model Launched By GM MotorsA new Chevrolet Model was launched by General Motors (GM) India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of US car maker General Motors Corp, as part of its centenary year celebration by brand ambassador Saif Ali Khan on Thursday .The car with the 'Bada Dil Badi Car’ slogan is priced between Rs 3.98 and Rs 5.11 lakhs.

Quoting Vice President GM Motors India P Balendran "The new Chevrolet U-VA brings superlative value and additional safety, security and luxury to our customers, which is in line with our commitment to provide best-in-class products and services”.

Guj farmers all geared up to fight against Tata Motors

In a tiff to prove ownership of land in Gujarat, where the automobile giant Tata Motors is planning to construct its Nano project, a group of farmers from the gathering villages have pulled their socks up to fight a legal case against the automobile giant. Apparently, the farmers were not at all happy with the concessions being given to Tata Motors.  

Adding more, on Wednesday, a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was also filed in the Gujarat high court. 

Volvo Introduces Luxury SUV Variant

Volvo Introduces Luxury SUV Variant Swedish luxury car maker, Volvo, launched a new sports utility vehicle (SUV) XC90 on Wednesday. It is also planning to launch XC60 model in Indian market. 

XC90 sports model can be availed at Rs. 58 lakh. It supports a strong engine having 32 valve and 4.4 liter patrol capacity. It is available in five colors. XC90 is equipped with a number of luxury and safety features having sport-tuned chassis, sports calibrated steering and sophisticated stability control techniques.