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Short Term Buy Call For 'IDBI'

IDBIStock analyst E Mathew is of the view that IDBI stock will provide hefty gains in the short run.

Presently (1:00 pm), the stock is trading 0.6% down at Rs 173.40.

Mr. Mathew has suggested investors not to sell IDBI stock before achieving a short term target between Rs 190-200. Traders should use Rs 163 as a stop loss. The stock can be bought in the range of Rs 167-169. Don’t buy it on upper levels.

IDBI has seen a 52-week high of Rs 181 on Bombay Stock Exchange. The P/E is 19.46, and EPS stands at Rs 8.96.

It seems that IDBI will touch another yearly high in the said time period. So keep the stock for at least 3-4 weeks.

Buy Aditya Birla Nuvo

Aditya Birla NuvoAditya Birla Nuvo is trading positively on both BSE and NSE. Presently (12:05 pm), it is hovering around Rs 1706, up 4%. There are full chances of an upside potential today.

Stock Analyst VK Sharma has suggested the day trading investors to purchase the stock around Rs 1637.70 with a strict stop loss at Rs 1590. The target for the day is Rs 1724. The stock has shown a decent rise in previous sessions. The stock has seen a 52-week high of Rs 1819.9 and a low of Rs 960 on BSE.


NTBCLBuy Noida Toll Bridge with a stop loss below Rs 55 for targets of Rs 63 and Rs 67.

Buy BOC India

BOC IndiaStock analyst E Mathew has suggested that BOC India should be purchased on declines to achieve a short term target of Rs 198. The stock has seen a decent rise in recent trading sessions.

In today’s trading session, the stock has gained 4.5% at Rs 158.95 up till now. But interested investors should wait for sometime.

If the stock follows the uptrend for the whole day, leave it and forward your decision to next trading session. If the stock falls, buy it as much as you can. It will definitely provide provide you good returns.