Bush To Summarize Subprime Mortgage Scheme

Washington: U.S. President George W. BushAccording to a senior US administration official, the U.S. President George W. Bush will delineate reforms today proposed to assist householders with subprime mortgages avoid default.

"He will also discuss reform efforts to prevent these kinds of problems from arising in the future," the senior administration official said.

Various market analysts advise that a spreading credit disaster could pull the United Stated economic system into depression but the Bush government has repeatedly stated that U.S. economic basics are strong and that worldwide development is healthy.

The US and foreign financial markets have been volatile in current weeks as U.S. defaults have climbed up on doubtful subprime mortgages to less credit-worthy recipients, and questions have bobbed up concerning whether loans that have been bundled into securities sold abroad may also break down.

The Federal Reserve has taken actions to raise liquidity in markets and confronts calls for cutting rate of interest to avert a wider credit squeeze, which could drag out economic development down.

In a statement, scheduled for 11:10 a.m. EDT in the White House Rose Garden, Bush will talk about the need for Congress to authorize Federal Housing Administration restructuring legislation aimed at giving the group the suppleness to aid subprime mortgage borrowers, two administration officials told.

One shift will be a directorial change to let the Federal Housing Administration to ensure loans for borrowers at least 90 days behind in mortgage payments to assist them avert legal proceeding.

The Federal Housing Administration was established in the 1930s Depression years after the U.S. banking scheme broke down and megs of Americans were made roofless. Now its aim is to nurture home ownership by guaranteeing mortgage loans, particularly for poorer Americans who face difficulty conforming to conditions for conventional loans.

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