Bungie’s space game ‘Destiny’ to be launched in Sep. 9, 2014

Bungie’s space game ‘Destiny’ to be launched in Sep. 9, 2014Bungie's next space epic game Destiny will be released in September next year, publisher Activision announced through a press statement.

According to the statement, the widely anticipated shared-world shooter Destiny would be released worldwide on 9th of September, 2014. The beta version of the game will be launched in the summer, with Sony's PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 game consoles to get the game first.

Originally, the developer had plans to release the game in early 2014, but it pushed the release date farther to get some more time to make some tweaks to the game.

Those who have yet not register for the beta version of the game, can now avail an opportunities available at retailers like Gamestop, which are still offering access to the beta version with every preorder.

Bungie used the occasion to say, "Destiny has always represented a new beginning for our team. It was born from brave possibilities. We dreamed of a renewed and independent Bungie. We found partners willing to bet big on some crazy new ideas with us."

Bungie has said in the past that they're not exactly sure how to classify Destiny, as it has elements of the FPS, MMO, RPG and action/adventure genres.