Britney’s mum feels she is responsible for her daughter’s breakdown

Washington, Dec 9 : Pop star Britney Spears’ mum Lynn Spears feels she is to be blamed for her daughter’s much-publicized breakdown.

The ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ hitmaker touched great heights and enjoyed incredible success in the beginning of her career, but after losing the custody of her two sons, she had a major down fall.

And Lynne, who recently published her memoir ‘All My Fault instead of Through The Storm’, feels she is to be blamed for her daughter’s visits in hospital and chaotic life.

"I can laugh about it (the title) now, but did I feel that way at the time? Yes, I did and, if I''m being totally honest, I still do. When her life was such a success, what did she need me for? And when things took a turn for the worse, I was out, because other people - dancers, managers - were closer to her, and with her day and night. Being a mother, you can''t help but have regrets about what you did and didn''t do for your kids, and I''m no different,” Contactmusic quoted Lynn, as saying.

"I think I was an enabler to Britney. I would overcompensate and I tried to make things seem happier when my kids were growing up, because I was aware of the deficit,” she added.

Lynn also emphasized upon the fact that she protected her elder daughter too much, and did not let her find her way into handling things. (ANI)