Brand Beckham rakes in £2.5M profit

Brand Beckham rakes in £2.5M profitLondon, Feb 13: Multimillionaire couple David and Victoria Beckham have raked in a profit of a whopping 2.5million pounds.

The duo has made the profit form their Beckham Brand Limited, which was set up to "exploit the brand of David and Victoria Beckham" with TV interviews and websites.

The mega-loaded Beckhams made more than 2.5 million pounds in 2007, which was 1million pounds more than in 2006.

Becks and Posh were recently named third-richest couple in Hollywood, with an estimated joint income of 38.6million pounds, all thanks to their ever-expanding empire that includes, dresses, perfume, sun-glasses and jeans.

The massive earnings were revealed yesterday in Beckham Brand's latest accounts, reports the Mirror.

And the 3.3million pounds dividend was equally distributed among directors- David, Victoria and pop guru Simon Fuller. (ANI)