Boucher says new Pak govt is “determined” in fight against terror

Richard BoucherWashington, Nov 11 : US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Richard Boucher has reportedly said that the US has seen a lot of real determination in the new Pakistani government to fight terrorism.

“Pakistanis were focused on how to deal with violent extremism,” the Daily Times quoted Boucher as saying after his last week’s visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He said that Washington’s goal was to work with Pakistan and Afghanistan in dealing with the common threat in their border region.

Boucher particularly cited Pakistan’s military action against the Taliban in Bajaur Agency, which he said demonstrated their determination to fight the menace.

“Our goal is to work with Pakistan, and frankly to work with Pakistan and Afghanistan, to deal with a common threat that comes out of the border area,” he stated in response to a question.

But, he declined to comment on any unilateral actions in Pakistani territory. “In recent months the Pakistanis have been fighting in Bajaur and they have seen fighters come across from Afghanistan. So sometimes those people move in both directions. I think we recognise that,” he added. (ANI)