Blackberry set to release software update for older smartphones

Washington, Feb 20 - Blackberry has announced that it will be soon releasing a software update - version 10.3.1 -for its older smartphones.

The update, which also contains bug fixes for latest models, will be essentially for products including the BlackBerry Z10, Z30, and Q10.

According to the Verge, for its QWERTY devices, BlackBerry is bringing over the extensive list of keyboard shortcuts that debuted on the Classic. 10.3.1 also brings the company's virtual assistant - BlackBerry's answer for Siri, Google Now, and Cortana - to prior BlackBerry 10 devices.

Users will be able to add reminders, compose emails, and set calendar appointments using only their voices.

The company has begun to roll out the update. However, exact timing of availability comes down to carrier testing and approval, the report added. (ANI)