BJP accuses UPA Govt of compromising national security

New Delhi, Jan 29:BJP & UPA Govt of compromising national security The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has accused the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government of compromising national security and of not taking necessary steps to strengthen internal security.

Addressing a National Council meet of the party in the Capital, BJP General Secretary Arun Jaitley, said: "This government compromises with the national security of the country. The government has been unable to take the necessary steps needed to strengthen the internal security of the country."

"They have always linked the national security issue to votebank politics," Jaitely added.

Jaitley also accused the government of turning a blind eye towards the poor, especially the farmers, who in the recent past have resorted to suicide due to heavy debts riding on their backs.

"The government also does not pay heed to the poor and the farmers. Maximum cases of farmers' suicide and atrocities have taken place during the regime of this government only, and it is as if a new chapter is being written in the history of the country," he said.

Earlier, BJP President Rajnath Singh had said that the UPA Government has not been successful in solving farmers' suicides across the country and the number of deaths has increased despite an announcement of relief package by Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Rajnath Singh had also demanded the government to call for a special session of Parliament to discuss the issues of farmers and landless labourers.

Maharashtra tops the list of states where farmers' suicides are maximum with 4,453 cases followed by Andhra Pradesh with 2,607 case, Karnataka 1,720, Chhattisgarh
1,483 and Madhya Pradesh 1,375. West Bengal 1,189 and Kerala 1,124 were placed sixth and seventh. (ANI)

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