Betting big on Geo Analytics; Jugnoo reveals its secret tool of success 'Data Loops'

New Delhi [India], Mar 9 : Enthused by the profitable and effective tryst with 'Data Loops', Jugnoo unveils this best in breed technology for its fellow business owners and marketers. Primarily a Geo Analytics technology, 'Data Loops' is a terminology used for a continuous, iterative process of capturing and analyzing data, getting valuable insights, translating into action items and 'looping' the process all over again.

It is a Software Development Kit (SDK) and interested businesses can avail this service through Tookan, a B2B product from Jugnoo.

"Location based data has emerged as a technology wonder for many online retailers and businesses. It has paved way to a treasure trove of information that has aided them in scaling their businesses further. For instance, Geo Analytics has helped businesses to identify localities with maximum demand for their products or services. This has further enabled them to restructure their workforce allocation, operational facilities and pricing, eventually increasing their profitability," said Founder and CEO Jugnoo, Samar Singla.

"Over the past two years, tiding through various market upheavals, we have gone beyond just the underdog status. Data Loops has helped us stay at par and put up a worthy combat against established players in the industry and we have seen immense success and measurable results. We want this to be a starting point of transformation in the whole industry," added Singla.

Taking this technology to the next level, Jugnoo now unveils its secret tool of success to all its fellow entrepreneurs and marketers to use through Tookan. (ANI)