The Best Payment And Withdrawal Options For Horse Betting

The Best Payment And Withdrawal Options For Horse Betting

Finding a trustworthy and well-reviewed bookmaker is not the only thing that you should do in preparation for venturing into the world of online sports betting. Especially if you are into online horse betting, the method of money deposit and as well as the withdrawal matters a lot.

Aside from reading through the best horse racing betting sites reviews, you should also learn the best payment methods you can use for online horse betting. Here are some of the payment methods that you may already have, or not.

Debit or credit card
This is probably the most common form of payment and withdrawal, as most people have either a debit or credit card. Some even have both, making it even way easier for them to release the money to betting. Aside from the accessibility and the great convenience it offers, it is also the payment method that almost all bookmakers are accepting.

However, there are some downsides to using a debit or a credit card. One is that using a credit card is actually using money that you do not have yet. Thus, it may end up ruining your budget for the week or for the month. You may have too much fun betting and thus keep on purchasing credits to bet, without realizing that you have already spent way too much you can afford. This could then lead to continuous debts that will sink you if you are not careful.

Direct bank transfer
One of the main pros of using a direct bank transfer is that it is easy, and the bookmaker or app that you have chosen would be able to keep your bank details for faster transactions in the future.

On the other hand, using a direct bank transfer when withdrawing your funds is usually not recommended. The reason for this is that bank transfer typically takes days to complete and finally get credited to your account. Usually, it can be as quick as 1-3 business days but sometimes, it can take up to a week or even longer.

E-money wallets
There are several e-money wallets that are usable in online sports betting apps and sites. Each of them has its own pros and cons, and any of them could work for you depending on what your preferences are and the availability of a service to you.

PayPal is actually the most common e-money wallet accepted in online sports betting apps since it is the service that has the widest coverage worldwide. However, PayPal is known for its ridiculously high service fees and charges, making it out of the option for some players now.

Neteller, while not widely used worldwide, is actually one of the most popular e-money wallets used for betting and online gambling. This is because not only it keeps your money secure by not disclosing your bank details to the bookmaker, it also doesn’t have high fees and charges that others are hated for.

When it comes to withdrawal, your fund from your bookmaker can be sent to your Neteller wallet in just a matter of seconds to minutes. You can then either use it online for shopping or continue to transfer it to your bank account.

Ukash is one of the newer e-money wallet providers that is getting more and more popular due to its features and the benefits it gives. Just like Neteller, Ukash also makes it possible to transact with a bookmaker without the need for your bank or card details to be disclosed.

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