Bank Credit Jump 23.7% As On Jul. 20

As on Jul. 20, 2007, the credit paid out by listed commercial banks developed 23.7% (Rs 3,663.49 billion) on a year-on-year basis that is beneath the increase of aggregate deposits of 24.4%.

In its weekly statistical supplement of Aug. 3, the RBI reported that the total disbursals stood at Rs 19,144.56 billion.

On the other hand, bank credit arose 31.7% in the corresponding period of 2005-2006. Therefore, the development in credit has came down surprisingly for the week ended Jul. 20, 2007, entailing that RBI’s stand of tightening up the monetary policy produced desirable results.

As on Jul. 20, 2007 over Jul. 21, 2006, the food sector credit increased by Rs 52.13 billion. Out of the total expenditure, a sum of Rs 412.96 billion was apportioned to the food sector. The balance sum of Rs 18,731.60 billion was allocated to the non-food sector.

As on Jul. 20 2007, the credit-deposit ratio stood at 70.13%, while the cash-deposit ratio and investment-deposit ratio were 8.37% and 31.33% respectively.