Bangladeshi theatre artists perform epic ''Ramayana'' in Tripura

Tripura, AgartalaAgartala, Nov. 19 : ‘Oneness through drama'' was the central message of a group of Bangladeshi theatre artistes, who were on a cultural trip to Agartala recently and left an indelible mark on various theatre lovers.

It was a delightful and emphatic performance of “Ebong Aswamedh Jagna", by a group of 19 artistes from Bangladesh, which performed the epic Ramayana at the central auditorium of Tripura University here recently.

The play highlighted the plight of a woman by picking up the dilemma of Lord Rama’s wife ‘Sita’ who was the central character of Hindu epic Ramayana. The artistes showed how the lady had to pass several litmus tests to prove her loyalty to her husband Rama.

Through the play the artists tried to highlight the problems faced by women in day-to-day life.

Biswajit Sarkar, one of the artistes of the troupe, said: “We have a common background in language, culture and geography. But we are separated as two nations with two flags. So, we decided that by performing here we could get closer to the people of India... with the people of Tripura. We are participating in the theatre festival in which the local groups from India are also participating."

Imon Chakraborty, one of the audience, said: “It was nice. Actually, performing Hindu mythology was really nice. They adapted it very nicely. The cultural team from Bangladesh performing on a Hindu mythology looked really impressive.” (ANI)