Bangladesh mutiny hits trade, movement across India-Bangladesh border

Akhaura (Tripura), Feb 27 : Border trade in Tripura has been hit after the India-Bangladesh border was closed following mutiny by Bangladesh paramilitary ranks in Dhaka.

Heavy gunfire raged through the headquarters of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) in Dhaka on Wednesday, killing nearly 50 people.

Following the incident in Dhaka, Border Security Force (BSF) went on high alert along the entire 857-km India-Bangladesh border of Tripura.

Trucks carrying goods across the border were stalled at the Akhaura check post near Agartala, as BSF guards mounted vigil.

"Normally 120 to 150 goods vehicles enter here from Bangladesh, but today only 20 to 25 per cent vehicles came. We contacted our counterpart there and were informed that several vehicles are stuck due to the internal problem that started there since yesterday. This has affected the border trade badly," said Habul Biswas, secretary of the Export-Import Association of Agartala.

Some Bangladeshi nationals who have come to Tripura were left stranded.

"We came to know that there has been some problem between the BDR and army. I tried to contact my relatives, but the mobile network is not working. I somehow spoke with my family and came to know the situation is in turmoil," said Syed Saifud.

Mutinous soldiers of the BDR surrendered their weapons on Thursday as tanks surrounded their headquarters after a second day of gunfire.

The Government officials and police said the mutiny in Dhaka was under control and urged other BDR men who had mutinied elsewhere in the country over pay and command issues to lay down their arms. (ANI)