Ban Ki-moon urges Karzai to end corruption in Afghanistan

Ban Ki-moon urges Karzai to end corruption in AfghanistanLondon - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Tuesday urged Afghan President Hamid Karzai to ensure "good governance" and eradicate corruption in the process of forming a unity government.

"I want him (Karzai) to take all necessary measures to meet the expectations of the Afghan people and government and the international community," Ban said after talks with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London.

He also urged Karzai to "form a unity government reaching out to all ethnic groups, all political leaders and religious leaders.

Brown also warned Karzai that he needed to tackle corruption in Afghan politics to keep international support.

"These are important days for Afghanistan when the president is inaugurated. We will want him to make clear that he is going to take immediate action on corruption."

Brown said Britain wanted to see "a corruption-free government, an inclusive government and a government which will tackle the problem of bringing prosperity to the Afghan people."

If Karzai was successful in tackling these issues and building up the Afghan military and police force, "that will allow British and other troops to come home," said Brown. (dpa)