Ayro Vanish mini e-truck successfully completes initial homologation in U.S. & Canada

Ayro Vanish mini e-truck successfully completes initial homologation in U.S. & Canada

Texas-based zero emission vehicle manufacturer Ayro Incorporated has announced the successful completion of initial homologation of its tiny but powerful low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV), called the Ayro vanish. Ayro announced that the all-electric Vanish utility LSEV has successfully completed the process of initial homologation both in the US and bordering country of Canada. To be more specific, the Ayro Vanish mini e-truck has demonstrated compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 111, FMVSS 141, and FMVSS 500 in the U.S. In Canada, the commercial EV demonstrated compliance with Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS) 500 as well as SAE J2358.

The successful homologation process in the two aforementioned countries has brought the $34K Vanish LSEV a step closer to the start of series production.

Speaking on the topic, Ayro CEO Tom Wittenschlaeger said, “These tests are essential to ensure vehicles meet rigorous safety requirements and comply with our national governing bodies. Now that our award-winning Vanish has passed these tests for design, safety, and performance, we are one step closer to delivering vehicles to our customers and dealers.”

It may be noted here that that vehicle homologation is a process of approval whereby a vehicle gets certified to be sold in a specific market. During the homologation process, all of the vehicle’s components and systems are tested and verified. To get certified to be sold in a specific market, the vehicle must meet the standards and regulations set by the automobile watchdog in that market.

The commercial EV in question entered the process of homologation in May this year. Currently, it is also being tested for the California Air Resources Board Certification.

The Ayro Vanish is just 155 inches in length, which makes it significantly smaller as well as lighter commercial vehicle. The lightweight architecture not only limits the vehicle’s weight but also maximizes payload capacity. The tiny e- truck comes in extremely adjustable configurations. It has specifically been designed as a sustainable alternative to conventional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles that are stereotypically used in commercial fleets.

Priced at $34,000, the Ayro Vanish e-truck comes equipped with an axial flux electric motor that relies on a lithium-ion battery pack capable of delivering a range greater than 50 miles on a full charge. Being a commercial EV, it offers space for two adults in addition to promising an impressive maximum payload capacity of 1,800 and 1,200 pounds for the non-street-legal and the street-legal variants, respectively.

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