Aventon issues voluntary recall for Sinch 2 electric bicycle

Aventon issues voluntary recall for Sinch 2 electric bicycle

Aventon, the California-based electric bicycle (e-bike) specialist renowned for producing and selling budget-friendly personal mobility solutions, has recently issued a voluntary recall for its popular Sinch 2 e-bike. Embarking on a mission to democratize the joy of e-biking by delivering pocket-friendly e-bikes, Aventon has carved a niche for itself, offering a range of affordable models that typically retail below $2,000. One of their popular models is the Sinch 2 e-bike, which made debut in the month of April last year. At the time, the e-bike quickly captured the enthusiasm of riders looking for an affordable yet versatile electric two-wheeler.

Priced attractively at $1,799, the Sinch 2 came equipped with a strong 500W rear motor capable of churning out up to 750W of power. Its capabilities extended far beyond urban exploration, with chunky tires promising smooth rides on different type of terrain. In other words, it was designed for both on and off-road trips. To further enhance the allure by ensuring reliability and dependability, the manufacturer opted for a thoughtful amalgamation of components from renowned brands like Shimano.

However, the quest of the perfect ride encountered an unanticipated twist, when it a potential safety concern was recently revealed by the manufacturer itself. In certain cases, the Sinch 2's motor can experience unintended acceleration, posing a risk to riders by potentially resulting in accidents. At least six cases related to the issue have already been reported, prompting the company to take preemptive action by issuing a voluntary recall. The remedy involves repairing the affected components, mainly focusing on the motor, pedal-assist system, and handlebar-mounted throttle.

As many as 2,300 units of the e-bike in the United States and an additional 30 units in Canada are included in the recently issued recall. Aventon recognizes the gravity of the situation as unintended acceleration of the two-wheeler could lead to startling jerks and severe accidents.

Owners of the Sinch 2 e-bike have been urged to proactively engage with the ongoing process of the recall by contacting their nearest Aventon dealer, reaching out to the company’s headquarters through the toll-free number 866-300-3311. They can also visit the manufacturer’s official website for comprehensive guidance.

By prioritizing riders’ safety and satisfaction, the American e-bike brand has demonstrated a commendable commitment and dedication to rectifying issues promptly, ensuring a secure as well as enjoyable e-biking experience for all enthusiasts.

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