Avatr 12 EV Gran Coupe debuts with impressive 578 HP, 434-mile range

Avatr 12 EV Gran Coupe debuts with impressive 578 HP, 434-mile range

Avatr, a joint venture among Changan, Huawei, and the Contemporary Amperex Technology Company (CATL), took warps off its second electric model, called the Avatr 12, in Munich, Germany. Unveiled at the Munich International Motor Show (IAA Mobility Show), the Avatr 12 EV is a sleek four-door coupe, in spite of its sedan appearance. It features a hatchback-like rear and has a unique "Halo Display" on its hood. The so-called “Halo Display” is actually a black panel LED for facilitating communication between the vehicle and individuals outside.

The just unveiled EV measures 197.6 inches (5,020 mm) in length, 78.7 inches (1,999 mm) in width, and 57.4 inches (1,460 mm) in height; while its wheelbase measures 119.2 inches (3,030 mm).

The manufacturer is offering the Avatr 12 EV in two powertrain options, and both of them will utilize CATL's efficient cell-to-pack ternary lithium-ion battery technology.

The rear-wheel drive (RWD) variant of the new EV comes powered by a 230-kW (313 hp) electric motor (e-motor), while the all-wheel drive (AWD) variant comes equipped with a dual-motor setup from Huawei, capable of churning out an impressive 425 kW (578 hp). Each of the two models rely on a 94.5-kWh battery, which promises a driving range estimated between 403 miles (approx. 650 km) and 434 miles (approx. 700 km). However, the company didn’t specify the testing standard (WLTP or CLTC) used for determining the aforementioned figures.

Much like the Polestar 5 EV, the newly unveiled all-electric four-door coupe with hatchback styling has no rear window. It replaces the rear window with a video camera that streams a live feed to a digital rear-view mirror.

Commenting on the Avatr 12 EV, Chief Design Officer (CDO) Nader Faghihzadeh said, “In a world where products are mere objects, Avatr is a friend – a mirror to your aspirations, a vessel for your essence, and a partner for your journey."

The interior of the new EV features an extended dashboard equipped with floating elements that evokes a sleek spaceship-like ambiance. There is a wide-band screen that spans the width of the dashboard, serving as a digital window; while the central touchscreen takes responsibility for running all the apps and settings of the vehicle.

Founded in 2018, Avatr has thus introduced only two electric models, with the Avatr 12 being the second. The first model, called the Avatr 11 (a crossover EV) was launched in China just last year.

Some photos of the Avatr 12 EV and video review of Avatr 11 EV follow.....

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