Aurora and Eden Ray sold more than 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on Friday

Over 100 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies have been sold by sisters Aurora and Eden Ray on Friday. They did something different that no other Oregon Girl Scouts might have ever done. They sold the organization's famous Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints and other cookies outside a medical marijuana dispensary.

"It's actually great to sell here at this place because none of our Girl Scouts have done this before. We're hoping to show people that we're just trying to make a difference and help people and stuff", said Aurora, standing outside the Oregon Microgrowers Guild on Cross Street in Eugene's Whiteaker neighborhood with her sister and parents, Ralph and Belinda Ray.

About 117 boxes were sold by the San Francisco Girl Scout last February 2014. Danielle Lei sold boxes in two hours outside the Green Cross marijuana store last year. According to many media reports, this time Lei sold 208 boxes in two hours.

In just less than four hours, Aurora and Eden sold 106 boxes on Friday. Members of local Girl Scout Troop 20248 are selling the cookies with an aim to raise money that will help them purchase materials to make quilts for foster children, babies whose mothers can't pay for quilts and nursing home residents.

On February 23, they all began selling cookies normally outside grocery stores. They will sell until March 15, so that they can achieve their goal of 1,500 boxes. So far, they have sold over 600. According to Sarah Miller, a Portland-based spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington, they don't keep a record of prohibited locations for cookie booths.