Asus boosts sales following tie up with Google

Asus boosts sales following tie up with GoogleTaiwanese technology giant, Asus has been able to boost sales and following its partnership with internet giant, Google in the previous year.

Asus started partnering with Google with the launch of first-generation Nexus 7 and has been benefitting from the increased sales in the global market. Strong sales of Nexus 7 allowed the company to record higher tablet sales than Amazon. com, making it the third largest player behind Apple and Samsung.

With the launch of the new Nexus 7, Asus will become the only firm besides Samsung to partner with Google on more than one Nexus device. Google and Asus have now announced the tablet sales figures but estimates showed that Asus's total tablet shipments including the Nexus 7 as well as other Asus tablets rose four times since the launch of the Nexus 7.

Asus shipped 2.7 million tablets during the first quarter compared to 0.6 million recorded during the same quarter of the previous year. Experts say that the launch of Nexus 7 has allowed Asus to achieve economies of scale enabling it to negotiate better deals with components providers in the global market. Besides strong sales, the company has also benefited from an image boost in the US market as well as other markers around the world.

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