Ash Feels That She Is A Real Life Superwoman

The Bachan bahurani Aishwarya Rai seems to be on cloud nine. With both Ash Feels That She Is A Real Life Superwoman roles, the real and reel life jelling perfectly well Aish feels like a superwoman.

Appreciating her hubby’s performance when asked if she wants to play the role of superwoman as akin to Abhishek in Drona, she remarked “Why in future? I am already a superwoman in real life. Ask any married woman and she will agree to my answer.”

Being a superwoman was here being referred to the personal and professional roles she plays in her everyday life and the ease and spontaneity with which she manages to do it with perfection. However it takes a lot of grit, passion, coupled with courage to handle so many things at a point of time, one has to strike a balance and at the same moment cannot afford to go wrong with it. 

Having hands full with work, she has just come back after shooting in Peru for ‘Robot’ which is a Shankar-Rajnikant film and having quite a few in store with an international project of Pink Panther and Mani Ratnam’s film with husband Abhishek she seems to be a busy gal. 

No doubt she is managing everything well and is living upto to her own expectations of being a real life superwoman.