Arsenal boss asks players to use Obama as inspiration

Arsene WengerLondon, Nov 11 : Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has urged his players to use US President elect Barack Obama as their inspiration for Carling Cup glory.

The Gunners boss claimed last week that the US Presidential election proved that there is no obstacle to success for the genuinely talented.

And he wants his youngsters to confirm their potential by taking care of a full-strength Wigan team at the Emirates tonight, The Sun reported.

Wenger said: “I’ve always fought for the idea in sport that, if you have the necessary quality, then you play. Right now we have the example of Barack Obama in the United States, where everybody is really happy because he has made it to the very top.”

“In this election nobody really knows what his ideas are but the system has brought him to the top just because he has the quality. Nothing else comes into consideration. And in sport that is also the case. I’ve always believed in that,” he said.

“So even if it was my own son, he could never play for Arsenal if he wasn’t good enough,” Wenger added.

Wenger’s kids have already confirmed their ability by thrashing Sheffield United 6-0 in the previous round.

So it is no surprise that the Gunners are sticking with virtually the same team tonight, with teenager Jay Simpson the only likely change as a replacement for Nicklas Bendtner.

Wenger said: “We will keep faith with our Carling Cup policy and not change it now. It is very important that all these young players enjoy the opportunity to show how good they are.

“Our first priority is not to win the Carling Cup, although we will try our best to do that. But we use this competition for educational purposes, to allow our young players to develop. (ANI)