Aristocrat Gaming distributes NFL-themed slot machines to selected casinos

Aristocrat Gaming distributes NFL-themed slot machines to selected casinos

Global gaming technology & content provider Aristocrat Gaming has confirmed that its long-awaited NFL Super Bowl Jackpots™ gaming machines are finally available at selected casino locations. Aristocrat Gaming launched the new gaming machines at selected casino location on 1 September 1, 2023, marking a significant milestone in NFL fans’ gaming experience.

There are 32 clubs and players can opt for any one of them to get ready for the upcoming NFL season. In addition to the perfect timing, the launch of the Aristocrat Gaming machines marks the first time when NFL-themed slot machines are openly available to gaming enthusiasts. Distribution of the new machines to selected casinos and their availability to gamers will obviously lead to availability of a series of new games as well.

Hector Fernandez, Chief executive Officer (CEO) of Aristocrat Gaming, “After nearly two years of collaboration with the NFL and NFL Players Association, we finally get to see these game-changing machines in action. A tremendous thank you to our teams around the world for their collective brilliance to make today possible.”

The top executive also revealed that the first of the NFL Super Bowl Jackpots™ gaming machines has been delivered to selected casino locations in Nevada, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Florida, Massachusetts, and Oregon. In the next few months, the shipment of the first batch of the slot machines will likely be followed with other distribution deals.

For the development and distribution of the new machines, the two companies had signed an agreement in 2021. The perfect timing of the launch of the new machines will enable casino visitors to enjoy gaming on the NFL games during the new NFL season.

In spite of the overwhelming excitement and expectation, both Aristocrat Gaming and NFL have promised that they will remain committed to responsible gaming. While Aristocrat continues to show its commitment through a comprehensive corporate compliance program available at, NFL is showing its focus on responsible gaming via a betting public awareness program available at

Aristocrat Gaming, a leading designer, manufacturer & distributor of Class II & Class III casino games, is owned by Aristocrat Technologies Incorporated – a subsidiary of global digital gaming content provider Aristocrat Leisure Ltd. that has workforce of more than 7,500 people in nearly two dozen locations worldwide. The company’s collaboration with the widely popular NFL league is yet another testimony its content’s high quality.

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