Arena Flagship Cell Phone previewed by LG

Arena Flagship Cell Phone previewed by LG The desperate users were provided a glimpse by LG of its new flagship multimedia cell phone, dubbed as Arena on Sunday. It has been learnt that the set would be make its debut at next week's Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona.

The users would also be happy to know the latest Arena KM900 handset will also have a new LG user interface based around the concept of a cube. Via this, the user would be able to switch screens within the three-dimensional interface simply by turning from one face of the cube to the next. Furthermore, four icons, which offer quick access to functions such as phone calls and e-mail, have been placed underneath the main display.

This latest handset is the newest one in a line of handsets from major manufacturers that characterize highly graphical user interfaces. The most of the front face of the Arena is occupied by the large display.

Dolby and Divx support, HSDPA (High-speed Downlink Packet Access) data at 7.2Mbps, Wi-Fi and GPS (Global Positioning System), are other attractive features of the handset.

It should be noted here that Arena would be officially launched at a news conference on 16th February.

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