Apple really building an Electric Car

Earlier, there were rumors that American multinational technology company Apple was planning to build an electric car. Some new reports have suggested that the iphone-maker was serious about manufacturing the car. There are possibilities that Apple will launch its long-rumored electric car in 2019.

While talking to The Wall Street Journal, sources familiar with the company's plan said the Apple's future car will be electric, and a later model could be fully autonomous. According to the sources, the company is seriously working on its Project Titan and could soon triple the employees working on the project.

As per some insiders, "The company already has a foothold in the automotive business, with several automakers now offering its Apple CarPlay, which integrates iPhone functionality with a vehicle's infotainment system, but has been secretly developing an electric car". They also said that there are higher chances the tech giant's first vehicle will not be driverless. Earlier, some Apple officials were seen discussing autonomous car testing facility in California.

Apple has not revealed yet if it is planning a facility, like Tesla, but the company has hired some automotive industry veterans to work on the project. While there are reports that the company has planned to launch the electric car in 2019, but the journal reported the rumored date could be the date for the car's design, and not for sale. Apple has not revealed anything about its plans on the car.