Apple iPhone launched in European Markets, Germans have to pay $587

Apple iPhone launched in Germany and UK
Apple Inc. launched its famous gadget iPhone for German customers this Friday. Hundreds of iPhone fans gathered outside T-Mobile stores at many places in Germany. A famous store in Cologne, Germany was full with Apple fans. Deutsche Telekom AG owned T-Mobile managed to sell more than 10 thousand iPhones within first few hours of launch. Apple fans have been waiting since a very long time for European launch of iPhone.

Apple iPhone has managed to grab a good market share in United States. iPhone has been very successful in the United States as it offers mobile entertainment and media player integrated with a web browser and phone. Among the first buyers of Apple iPhone in Germany, most were men.

Apple iPhone will be offered in Germany via network of over 700 T-Mobile shops. Apple plans to launch iPhone in Asia next year. iPhone has been very successful as it has an extremely easy to use interface and offers many exciting features for media storage and playing.

To own an Apple iPhone, customers in Germany have to pay $587 which is much higher than the current price of $399 for 8-gigabyte iPhone in United States. Apple reduced the price of iPhone to $399 recently from $599.
For Apple iPhone fans in the United Kingdom, the price will be $566. The price in Germany and UK includes value-added-tax as well.

There were some concerns about the price of Apple iPhone from some European users. Analysts believe that Apple may soon cut the price to offer iPhone at prices comparable to that in the United States.

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