Antony calls for international cooperation on terrorism

Antony calls for international cooperation on terrorismNew Delhi, Jan 23: Addressing a defense industry seminar at the Institute of Defense Studies and Analysis here today, Defense Minister A. K Antony urged the international community to cooperate in dismantling terror outfits supported by Pakistan, on Friday.

He asked the world community to take quick and effective action against terror groups responsible for the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

Concerned over the free movement of terrorists across the border, he impelled for swift "action and results".

Antony, however, expressed his contentment over the realisation of the dangers of terrorism in many parts of the world.

Earlier this week, the Defense Minister said that India would not lower its gaurd against Pakistan or any country that was allowing its soil to be used for terror related activities.

Antony then termed media reports about the non-preparedness of the Army as absolutely baseless, saying: "Our armed forces are prepared to meet any challenge, but at the moment the government is considering diplomatic efforts."

He also denied that the US is dependent on Islamabad to fight al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, and therefore, was preventing India from exercising its military options against Pakistan. (ANI)