Angelina Jolie Inks In The Twins, Knox and Vivienne!

At the New York Film Festival screening of her new film," Changeling," Angelina Jolie Inks In The Twins, Knox and Vivienne!Saturday night, Angelina Jolie talked about being sleep deprived.
"We are a little bit [sleep deprived]," the actress told People. "We have some help for a couple of nights a week, so on those nights we catch up on our sleep." 
But she hasn't been too busy to sit still for a little tattooing. Angelina found the time to have the international map coordinates (longitude/latitude) of Nice, France, where her twins, Knox and Vivienne, were born in July, tattooed on her left upper arm, noticeable due to her strapless black Atelier Versace gown. 
Right underneath Maddox's, Zahara's, Shiloh's and Pax's commemorative tattoos.
There's still room on her arm for more ink, although she told People that they were going to "wait a while" before adopting any more babies. 
Seriously. Give the babies and the ink a rest. 
Six kids ranging in age from 3 months to 8 years old. Could you manage that brood plus a hunky husband, (oh, OK, life partner) full-time acting career, oscar buzz for "Changeling," international promotional appearances and moving around among homes in Hollywood, France, Germany and New York? And yet, she looks amazing. And she's breast-feeding, people!
How does she do it? Oh yeah, sure, they have help, probably a nanny, a cook, a gardener, a maid or three, a driver and a slew of bodyguards. Plus a personal stylist, makeup and hair people.
Even so, it's still pretty impressive.