Amazon's diversity scorecard exposes massive gender inequality among workforce

AmazonWashington, Nov 01 : Amazon has released its own diversity scorecard exposing massive gender inequality among its workforce.

According to CNET, the Seattle-headquarted corporation's worldwide employee base is roughly 63 percent male and 37 percent female overall as of September 2014. Compared to some rivals down in Silicon Valley, that might not seem that bad.

However, when it comes to the leadership level, men make up 75 percent as against 25 percent females.

The company has apparently followed in the footsteps of companies like Apple, Twitter and Facebook that came up with their own stats breaking down gender and ethnicity demographics within their workforces.

Splitting the numbers on the bases of ethnic diversity, Amazon's United States stats as of July 2014, revealed that more than half (60 percent) of the domestic workforce was white.

The remaining 40 percent breaks down with much smaller representation doled out with 18 percent black, 13 percent Asian and 9 percent Hispanic, the report said. (ANI)