Amazon Preparing Blueprint for Air-traffic System

Amazon is preparing a draft for an air-traffic system. As per Amazon. com's vision of future, long-range commercial drones should be allowed to fly in a low-attitude band and should be allowed to be tracked. The online retail giant has suggested to divide airspace into segments.

Currently, the US government regulations allow the limited usage of unmanned flights. Gur Kimchi, Vice President, and the one who heads the company's drone-delivery division, said that it is completely possible to manage technology that is rapidly maturing.

The draft has been presented a conference held on Tuesday and was sponsored by NASA at its Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. The company agrees that monitoring is an important part.

The field has a lot of importance for Amazon, Google and many other companies that want to develop drones commercially. A team at NASA's facility is heading the government's efforts to come up with a drone air-traffic system, Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management.

Over 100 companies have shown their interest in taking part in the effort and at least 14 have signed agreements to work with NASA. Those companies include Google, Amazon, Verizon Communications Inc. and Harris Corp.

Amazon stated that the only way by which drones can fly without any accident if drones communicate their positions to a centralized computer system available with all operators. Keeping a safe system will make sure that the unmanned vehicles do not cause any threat to traditional planes and helicopters.

In February, the FAA came up with commercial drone rules, which needs to be finalized. To operate beyond the FAA's line-of- sight requirements, Kimchi has outlined the steps that would be required.